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The Mind of Ra the Wolf, ‘n the Marks of Ideals (2011-18) [60]

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The hunt, transcription, and arrangement of up to 7 years worth of my impassioned thoughts, specially-designed for the web; and essays. [alt. titles moved to another text file]

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Dear humans: Please continue to ‘the soul…’ just below, and after you’re done with that skip down to the excerpts and photos further below. Pretty please. Dearer animals: skip to ‘aN oFFeR…’. Animals of beautiful island: [todo: disclaimer in Chinese]

the soul [of the project proposal]

I’m a life-long conceptual-thinking, idea-creating, and experimental-DIY-project-doing machine. Yep, that animal. Maybe you’ve seen or met that kind of animal before, but perhaps just haven’t peered into their minds. That’s ‘cause you’re not supposed to see their elusive minds! Normally they’d never compromise, but life’s circumstances finally got me compromising now, with d’evils (not you silly; the system!), proposing to exchange my mind for money. :( After many years of passionate living, it’s come to a…halt. I’ve recently given up struggling against nearby closed minds, in order to get out of the trap, and settled into a cozier trap: a little shack on a patch of nature for the winter, just beyond a terrible conservative city in Asia. Upon planning how to get out, I’ve realized that my writings are all that I have left to share, and I can’t even get them!, and even worse, may have lost some forever!! This project is to fund and enable me to search, fetch, transcribe, and semi-organize years of my most passionate physical writings, “publish” it to my web-site, and create the new site’s design and tech. These are my written expressions during a hyper-active, nomadic, ideal-seeking and ideal-creating period of life. These are my past states of mind. This is The Mind of Ra the Wolf: the marX of this whole ideal shit, from 2018 ‘til ~2011…and I’m the wolf!: Ra. [todo: working on his next bit] Furthermore, as I transcribe, I will try to extract and organize the more important concepts out of it all to help most of us maintain a state of simple and clear thinking. Additionally and finally, I will attempt to write a few practical essays and hand-book writings to console and guide current and future active idealists to maintain a state of grace, as we run amuck trying to change the world around us. [todo: edit last sentence] Although the content of my past writings are very broad, the content I’m most concerned with for this particular project are likely the same projects that many good kids embark: to make sense of today’s world (especially people, institutions, material development), to figure out how to live in it while being true to one’s self, and to figure out how to change it†. Now that I’ve spent my 20’s purely and naturally doing just that, I’m now willing to provide the main concepts in simple expressions to provide the proper insights to guide us (my-self included), likely making connections to the sub-cultures (local and media) that I grew up with. [todo: edit eventually…] In the process of doing so, I’ll use the money to climb out of the trap and place my-self in a good state of organization again: basically, get my shit together: re-energize, re-organize a communal place, pull up my people, and remember to be less ideal about money in less-than-ideal places this time, so that this shit never happens again(!), not to me or anyone else I encounter. [todo: cleaning house gif]

the booty

[todo: move the middle portion to the gist] The shared booty (treasures…) of this project include: (1) the raw written expressions of my mind—insights, conceptions, perceptions, self-discussions, essays, poetic yearnings, idealistic day-dreams, ‘n so on—as I migrate from the public schools of American suburbia to art spaces in cities, to distant lands, to communes in farm-lands, and now finally to my personal nature in nature, all according to my natural instincts, with my constant pragmatic drive toward ideals as the core binding thread; (2) some concepts extracted from them all, some partially-cooked, most still raw; (3) whatever other tools and designs that naturally form as I make the site (design ideal: a living Wikipedia), including (3.1) my text-file-to-publish tech work-flow—Bonus booty!: ($) proof that wolves are good animals too,—RIP P. J. Falterman II—if only the world could stay true like weee doooo. More booty: In addition to the transcriptions of my raw, unrefined writings, I’ve recently decided that I will attempt to extract a few gems: a few guides intended for a younger-me and my current self, which in turn may be useful to other young wolves that are mis-thrown into public (or “private”) schools or worse artificial environments. They are what I currently feel the most important and practical things that I can share with the world: (4) An attempt to answer most of my younger-me’s questions all at once: why do people not think?, what is the ideal society?, and how do we get from not thinking to ideal?† (note: this is my mind’s life-long subject, ‘n perhaps yours too!..); (4.1) A small practical hand-book for idealists that serves as a guide, thinking tool-kit, consolation, and stoic motivation, specifically for the more action-oriented impassioned little ones constantly running about trying to change the world (positive changes, as in 2pac’s sense in Changes); And surely more (4.2) essays. For example, (4.2.1) a tiny straight-forward writing that defines and seeks the values beneath popular identities: what is / are you an idealist?, hippie?, skater?, hip-hop?, ‘n so on‡. I will initially post drafts, refining these ores over the duration of this project, and continue to up-date them as I grow old. No promises. These are just essays—attempts after all. ………phew… I’m glad these ideas just came up. It would have sucked to only have my raw thoughts to share!… [todo: cleaning potatoes gif]

un-explored paths and the way

At the moment, I believe this is all I can offer to the world: transcriptions of past works and attempts of new works intended for the public and like-minds. Any more planning is just too unnatural for me. Thus is the plight of an idealist in flux. A few possible path-ways from this project: organize alternatives to Wikipedia (with alt content), design a set of digital tools that allows more ways to express one’s-self with the help of graphics and animations, and create apps to aid idealists. Otherwise, after this project, I will surely go back in-to the world, slowly becoming a wolf again, solely communicating with the beings nearby, and subsequently forgetting all plans to merely record and (contradictorily!?) losing all desires to look and think with mediated human languages again too. I hope this is enough until then, or better yet, forever. [todo: go in-to forest gif] Keep your laptop close and keep it real.

[todo: to add] As I dream of a better structured world, seek the origins of the problems of the world, and try to live naturally. [todo: emphasize readability, add possibility of photos]

€ †This is a natural topic of most idealists which in today’s isolated culture is more likely experienced through Black American arts and media, especially confrontational and verbose ones, such as rap music (Wu, STEEZ, K-dot), spoken word, and comedy. In the non-poetic ministry of books, this crucial topic gets chopped and screwed up, but can still find it whole in attempts to write introductions to anarchism (ABC to Anarchism is the closest to this idea that I know of, especially its simple style, which is kinda amazing for 1929!) and surely hidden beneath stranger titles. Anyway, don’t be afraid of that word; It’s definitely not about “politics” nor even history. It’s more about providing simple concepts for [(2, 4.1)] and consoling [(4.1)] the young-me / idealistic wolves, especially lone wolves, as they face head-on with the institutionalized world with the good intentions of changing it. It’s just something to be used by idealists to get by in today’s world. Perhaps like if someone gave Kendrick an ultimatum to provide a list of useful concepts for most people, and also to provide some meditations for people like him-self. I’m a little afraid of this topic becoming gargantuan, but it’s only an attempt! :) Besides, it’s more of just a natural quilting of my concepts.

€ ‡Just some simple writing to somewhat verify and bring together those disparate identities / sub-cultures usually occurring in middle school, when kids naturally see no value in school and begin to seek their own values in other places (arts, media…), whose values are fatefully very similar: dreamer, outcast, rap student, street kid, film lover, punk, gamer, artist, Ghibli fan, animal & nature lover, dream-pop gazer…

aN oFFeR frOm RA (part 2/2)

Ahem. › Dear good animals on the sili-con-web. My good friend Ra the Wolf of the beaches of Va is in trouble, and needs your halp: He lost his mind « !!! » …and then fell into a trap « !!!! ». Please halp him get out of the trap, so that he can get his mind back. In return, he promises to share it all with you, by leaving identical bit-marks in his sili-web-home. He also promises that he will try to leave some simple marks for younger wolves to follow. For proof, he gave me the address to his recent marks and pictures for you all to see. I left them below. That is all for now, natural ones. After you are done feeling his marks, you can try sniffing a story-mark about his mind that I’m currently working on. I shoved it even further below.

excerpts and photos / prOOf bY RA

Yo. I just looked through some recent rawr thoughts files, quickly picked a few out, and put it on my plastic-web-home. I hope it’s enough! <3, Ra Rarararawr!

[Excerpts: American-cultured: keepin’ it real / bein’ real / what is real? (with black media culture), what is a fighting game?, some more thoughts withWolf Children philosophy-cultured: expressive vs instrumental modes of life, some thoughts on crowd-funding utopian-cultured: sun-day, communal and living spaces, role models and role communes ] (http://www.rahilpatel.com/blog/excerpts-for-the-mind-of-ra-the-wolf)

[1] My writings that I currently have on me, including [2] notebooks #3 and #4. All previous notebooks were written neatly in pencil like notebook #3, but way more concisely, and even more passionately. [3] A mess.

My broken e-book application installation.

My oh my. My, oh!, me. (to do: edge-up mane)

My current dwelling. [picture with me facing side-ways]

[picture with me facing the camera]

[picture without me]

the details

I currently have a mess of things I’ve written on with me, including two of my main notebooks (photoed above). There are a few more notebooks, but retrieving them all will require copious amounts of…luck (more on this later). In the case that some writings really are lost, I promise to make up for the lost work amount by organizing a similar amount of my digital writings. Both, the physical and digital writings date back to when I first left my home-town in 2011. I will transcribe them first by photo; Second, by typing, cleaning it up in the process (try-adding missing context, redacting personal info, quickly adding a few notes on intentions of obscure entries); Third, by organizing it all (including the existing content from the current site) into a new web-site, adding related categorization info and web interactivity. There was only one period of time in my past that I actually attempted to transcribe my writings: It was during another period of isolation and poverty in 2014, just after an extremely active period (I guess this is what I do in isolation…). It resulted in a sort of child-like philosophy foundation, in a good sense(!). That was the peak of the project. Over the years I added various writings to the web-site when convenient during less nomadic times. (Visiting the site is clearly the best way to understand what this project is, and perhaps even help me figure out what kind of wolf my mind may belong to!). Though there appears to be a lot of content on the site, it’s only a fraction. During that single time, I think I just selected a few from my digital writings, based on momentary desires. I never really looked back at all of my physical or digital writings. Even further, it’s missing all of the content written on an e-book app, and books at home. Still further, that single transcribing period was somewhat derailed by its previous period, which contained bull-shit digressions, because I was using books by professional bull-shit digressers as an aid to try to find ways to express my then wild mind into words. Don’t worry, lesson learned. I’m on my real shit again, as I was when I was grew up in VA. In the end, I hope all of the physical stuff is on the web-site, and that the new site design is at least decent, like my current site, but with a way way better work-flow. At least that’s my humble proposed goal for design anyway; I really wished more could be done. Although simply throwing the content into a web-site is the main scope of this project, I just want to point out that the web medium is always a conscious choice. This is not merely a book; This is my mind(!). The web medium was chosen intentionally so that people can actively traverse my mind as desired, like exploring a strange new encyclopedia full of my own original personal concepts, discussions, mediated arts, and conception of the world, not merely passively reading (—when I made the site in early high school, I wanted to make a Wiki, but for some reason chose blog software…). The web medium keeps possibilities open; It allows me to create tools to make a better interactive experience: Concepts dictionary? Should entries have titles / names and/or categories?…Ideograms in their stead? How could related concepts interact with each other?…Related discussions?…Related arts and media? Tool-kits to aid thinking? Connections between words? How could the public interact?, Contribute? Mind games?! And so the mind further organizes itself naturally over time. Besides, isn’t that what the web medium was made for?: linking places to content?; Just as the mind links concepts to content. Anyway, now you understand my dream of the design-side of the project. [ todo: picture of dreaming gif] The strange thing is that I have so much content, but I’ve never looked back at it… until this…(!) My passions and creativity are currently at a life-time disabling low, so, perhaps this is a good time for mere organizing philosophies… The money will enable me to live better days and go back to doing some real organizing: commune/ity-making, starting by sharing my own home, food, and tea; Then, creating more communal places. :) And now, the ultimate test: …Can a purely public crowd really fund pure people?

THe sToRY oF RA tHe wOlF aNd hiS miNd (part 1/2)

[note: I didn’t add any links on this KickStarter page. I’ll maintain a formatted version in the full proposal on my web-site.] Ra is a wolf from the back-yards of a hood in Va. As far as Ra can ramember, he had a text file where he would leave all of his markings, mostly for ramembering past findings: notes.txt. Later, in middle-school, he created a new txt: thoughts.txt. Now when he wanted to leave a mark, he separated what he felt was practical into notes.txt and impractical into thoughts.txt. A little later, he made his own home on the plastic-webs. It was mostly a place to share bits of stuff with friends, and his notes.txt with other animals roaming the webs. He felt he didn’t know anything that the web didn’t know, so he didn’t share much. Just a little after that, in high-school, he watched dreamy movies, then ‘films’, then realy ‘films’. He loved ‘films’! He loved Netflix too. It made him think. At the end of a good ‘films’ he would sit and think, playing it again a high speed to review, then, go to his room still thinking, about the world, about life, and some-times even leave marks. His thoughts.txt got more and more bites. Nobody wrote anything good on the internet about ‘films’. So, he shared his thoughts about what he loved and didn’t love about ‘films’ on the webs. It was the earliest impractical markings that he shared. He didn’t care much because he knew it was nearly-impossible for animals to find the location of his plastic-dwelling, unless he told them, which he didn’t, unless they asked, which they didn’t. He learned everything from ‘films’, Wikipedia, and back-yards. When the time came for Ra to leave his hood in search of a better one, he took all of his computer bits and pieces with him. But he soon discovered he didn’t need them: The world is the realest ‘film’!…And suddenly, thoughts.txt received a lot of bites (thanks to the help of a handy pouch-‘puter!). For years, thoughts.txt grew and grew (it grew so large that it could hurt txt changers!). From yard to yard to hood to hood in Va, to hood after hood in giant colonies, to habitat after habitat. “Why watch ‘films’?” Ra would respond, as he watched and lived in the world. Then, one day, at a book-place in a busy city on a beautiful island, he stumbled upon the ‘Philosophy’ of Cold Places book-table. Until then, he never read books unless a human bullied him to. He only watched and dreamed with a few ‘art books’ like The Watchmans and The Invisible Dwellings. He loved ‘films’, fighting games, mothers, bike explorations, but not books. But when he picked up Francis the cooked pig’s ‘essays’, something happened; Though similar to Invisible Dwellings, it was about real dwellings, and the real animals that dwelled in them!! Then he tried Michel ‘de lone wolf’s ‘essais’. It was also about real dwellings and their animals, but much warmer, even friendly (somebody must have placed it on the wrong book-table). Then Bertrand the sharp owl’s story of ‘philosophy’. He was the coldest and meanest, yet the funniest too. (Most of them came from cold cold places.) Then, the books mentioned in Bertrand’s story…and so Ra continued for some time. Do you know what happens when thoughts.txt gets some friends and goes into a folder? The thoughts become categorized, the mind aches, the soul yearns to throw it all in-to the recycling bin. Before then, he thought thoughts.txt was useless, just a stupid diary-journal-thing with a mess of thoughts and day-dreams. But that day, he saw other peoples’ thought.txts under strange strange names: ‘essays’, ‘philosophys’, ‘discourses’, ‘dialogs’, ‘dialogues’; And a few days later, he even found some ‘essays’ and ‘philosophys’ in other sections too (probably placed by the same messy animal). Though he was able to ponder a about the world in his mind with “essays”, just as he did as before with “films” and “art books”, and just as did later as he wandered the world, he felt that most of the ‘philosophys’, especially the ones from cold places, are stupid, because they distract from animal cruelty and the making of good habitats; That was his “philosophy”. That winter, he went back home to his back-yard in Va. His mind became numb in the cold again, as it often was when he was a cub in Va (I think Ra’s a sub-tropical wolf), much like the ’philosomals’ of cold places (except the really rad marksists). With his senses numb, not able to think, he started to look at the things he thought of before, during hot times. He then began to shove some of his own past warmer thoughts in to his internet home. He felt it became warmer, and to his delight, even he felt a bit warmer. “It was alright”, he thought, as it helped him survive that winter. In the end he called it: ‘philosophy’! Later, Final Filosophy « !!! ». And as soon as it appeared, the warmth appeared, and Ra disappeared, back to the warmer, beautiful island. Another year passes as he seeks ‘n dwells in various comfy shared dwellings with equally different animals, always thinking about animal cruelty and dreaming of more comf—… … … … uh … uh-huh… hold on. Footsteps go into the distance.Voices continue at a distance. … … … … … YOU WHAT!?!? HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?!

let the FAQs TOC, and a magic trick

That’s it: That’s really the gist of it. I initially wrote a lot lot more, but then decided to move it to my web-site for easier reading and editing. It can be freely skimmed and skipped as you wish. Hopefully it answers any questions that you may have: What are the writings about? Where does all of my / our money go? Where would extra money go? Why aren’t there any rewards, what do I / we get out of this, and why should I / we care? Can I ask you something else? {todo: missing, can people ask through KS?} The trick: The more you read, the more we share, and hopefully, the more you will want to fund me. :)

My current habitat. [picture of sun-set]

[time lapsed picture of the sun-set]

[pan to sky]

My natural habitat; My home. [pics]

risks and challenges [second KS text input box]

[KickStarter forced me to add this here :( ] The hard part is over: living passionately during most of my 20s. Transcribing it all is just a chore, like cleaning one’s own room. The problem that remains is childish: I hate cleaning my room and other chore-like work. Normally I’m wayyy too active to do this sort of work, but luckily for this project, I’ve been alone for quite some time now, and the dryer winter nights have arrived. Praise the weather gods too! Poverty! Haha. I now have the essential human needs, so it’s not so bad. Still no electricity, but there’s an out-door socket nearby. No worries: battery technology is on my side! Otherwise, I’m just bundling up for some wintry writing, and making a comfy abode for anyone to join. :)

cut: non-cooperative, non-altruistic, capitalism-determined, party-pooping people The Revolution of Everyday Life and Debt derived from what’s on my mind as I’m just try‘na to live right, do naturally, and get by: living with the rare few and constantly clashing with the rest of the world throughout my life. All I have to offer are my own sheer direct personal my expressions: observations and experiences, feelings, wanderings, imagination; and, my later rationalizations of it all.

notes (project-related)

outline of gist: me project (with link) poverty excerpts photos split detailed proposal story FAQs (link to complete proposal) —

post to full proposal to web-site for easy editing, publishing, and a better lay-out

the gist should be the most accessible part. Very simple, plain, direct.

example good KS philosophy projects: Clear and Present Thinking Descartes’ Meditations Bro —


[todo: to ideas] Maybe we need to make an e-zine e-mail subscription? (which is why I naturally moved from making games to making words, nearly skipping film-making) [todo: did not link any writings: notes.txt, first film critique, city hoods, countries, book-store experience, etc.]

[cut from main project proposal] for the same reasons AZ wrote that. [todo: for anyone to understand] away from my own past mistakes. but more geared toward the tribes of good kids and idealists. …a sun falcon wolf god? (4.1) A tiny practical guide / thinking tool-kit / stoic consolation to help impassioned people to find ways to align their own unique creative intentional energies with simple, local, effective actions and projects to cause immediate changes (positive changes, as in 2pac’s sense in Changes), and not feel like shit when no one reciprocates. selectively-extracted, partially-cooked transforming my current home into a communal space that hopefully most beings at some point could find something of value in It is too unnatural for me to follow a more rigid plan, which makes KickStarter near impossible for me. (ideal aim: if Wikipedia was a magic book) Alternatively: why is the world the way it is?, what is the way it’s supposed to be?, how to [practically] change it?, how does change work? self-sufficient about with my constant drive to make things better what’s the good, the bad, and the beautiful about this culture, that art, this place, that personality, this person, that organization?, and my practical strides to steer them all to their ideals constant drive for the betterment of society as the core binding thread my constant drive to steer them all to their ideals the unrefined material of my past writings The Mind of Ra the Wolf: the Marx of this whole idealism shit from 2018 ‘til ~2011** *The Mind of Ra the Wolf: the Marx of this whole idealism shit from ~2018, take ya back to 2011***…and I’m the wolf!: Ra. what’s the natural way to live? what’s the right thing to do?, what’s the best environment?, seeing what’s good about cultures and arts, ‘n so on… human theorist / concept-and-idea-machine has now brought me to this point where I’m now bargaining remember to think about money this time loving beings, communities, cultures, nature; living natural-genuinely, natural-primitively; being American, Taiwanese, human, androidized, discriminated, schizoid, wolf; desiring true human nature, rebelling against everything else. that nearly any human or animal could relate to at some point in their lives like Patrick Joseph Falterman II and Chris McCandless [altered this next bit] And, as I just mentioned, I’m really attached to the idea of putting philosophy on the web medium, as that’s what the medium was intended to do: linking places to content!; Just as the mind links concepts to contents, starting with words. [Please skip the next two sections until you see photos. There are sample writings provided just above them. Otherwise, please continue.] (“academics”) At the moment my writings are all over the place. [*Too long; Don’t you feeeeel*…like reading? From here, you may skip down until you see photos. There are sample writings provided just before that too. Otherwise, please continue.] Myths say a lone wolf. Truths say… This project is to fund me another period of organization…like my past one in 2014…most importantly the transcriptions off my physical writings.

  • a transcription period …to transcribe my physical notebooks that I’ve been writing on ever since I’ve left my home-town. [todo: seems important] … passionate time of idealism and nomadism. … it covers a rather nomadic period of my idealist intentions; you know, just tryin’ to do good and get by. … from the ‘burbs to poverty in Asia. carefully but quickly re-expressing what I tried to mean at the time [from a sheet of a flyer] Most importantly the transcriptions of my physical writings for their security / safety. McCandless…(smarter than Walter Benjamin, Marx, Wittgenstein)

simple, real, original, personal The relic of my past mind still exists at rahilpatel.com. explicating my own set of concepts. (mostly because it was necessary to go back and define past simpler concepts to…ease my mind?) Conversely, my mind isn’t so wild anymore. I hope to have organized and formatted my writings into text files and headers (files?), which can then be used to auto-generate public web-pages (like blog posts) using newer, simpler software. Finding ways to express one’s self is also quite important. Luckily, the medium of choice is limited: an internet web-site. (titles, keywords [tags], links, anchors, collapsible sections, concept-dictionary?, random nature sounds?, etc.). [cut from story…] Then, he began making his own ‘philosophy’ ‘essays’, similar to Bacon and Montaigne, but instead of borrowing from other people, he quoted him-self. He tried to turn some of his re-occurring, raw—word-less—thoughts into words and statements. It was alright, he thought, something to do at home. [cur from let the faqs toc] The more you read, the more closer you you will get to my mind, and therefore me, and therefore wanting to fund me. The more you read, the more closer you will understand that my intentions are pure, and therefore will want to fund me. [cut from risks] Normally I’m wayyy too active to do this sort of detached, non-social, non-creative work, but, luckily for this project, I’ve been alone for some time now, and the dryer winter nights have just arrived. If necessary, there’s a pleasant library, but, please, let us hope that I remain in the sun’s light. The library even has computers [with Windows OS] for public use. Hence, the old iPhones being way way more valuable than a laptop. [cut from contents of writings] still yet, without any of their historical research or even any history at all not alway pc; you know: some-times say some real shit After just reading a few entries, I believe most of my written thoughts go a little something like this: it starts out as a pretty mundane diary-like reflection of recent personal experience, but then, it quickly shape-shifts (like me! :) :) ) into an impersonal philosophical conversation with myself, then an investigation, then maybe an essay, freely shifting back and forth, all somehow intertwined with my personal desires, intentions, dreams, ideals. The topics are the usual human cultures, environments, personalities, minds, etc., but especially ethics. The result: more and more concepts and theories. I never look back at them, so I’m not certain if they’re all like this, but, I know it’s sorta been like that since high school. It’s actually kinda creepy reading them… Is this normal? Should I seek a local shamen? [cut from bio and mind during writings] development and environmental design [natural and institutional], technology, mediums and culture, etc.: [replace with “all over the place”] a smart-phone, notebooks and sketch-pads (#0), a laptop, and tons of sticky notes [altered] $ The academicans some-times hide and mis-guide the few genuine attempts of the holistic study and understanding of the human world by pure-intentioned individuals under this vague category. [cut] the already endangered genuine individuals that genuinely desire and attempt to holistically understand humans [cut before Situationists] wildly intuitive utopian [altered] basically, what you would expect from a child encountering various strange contemporary cultures of human life. concept-oriented [altered] Notably essays—written essays, film essays, game essays—, but also many small pro-DIY-community digital projects. But first, the ideas must be saved! [decided to remove anyway] Having a laptop and a good home really is all I need to begin a ton of tiny digital projects: pro-DIY-ethics tech tools, pro-community tech tools, essay films, and maybe even essay games. [cut from beyond the KS amount] There’s no way of breaking that oh so natural habit of writing on anything nearby when the thoughts come (wait until I transcribe what I wrote in the sand!)… [cut and altered from money: used first and last sentences] Honestly, this is just a way I thought of to get out of poverty while still doing “work”. I usually live abroad. Luckily, I have a good home in nature with food, but unfortunately, it’s in a bad place with a nearby market and culture that are terribly conservative—traditional Asia terrible. I really feel the only way to get out of this trap is to try do some digital work (remote computer programming)—trust me on this, I’ve tried a lot to get out of this trap! So, by funding this project, I’ll be able to get the gear not only to do this project, but also enable me to find other digital ways and physical ways (vending, busking) to make money after this project. [cut from money] and re-create a sane communal space at home [cut from rewards] the making and practicality communal spaces (“utopias”) I plan to use both Kirby (a CMS) and a statically-generated CMS (maybe try Hugo first)., along with Voice Dream Reader and Writer iOS apps. [cut from post-money work] I can only be in one mood or the other: thinking or organizing, not both. This project alone might naturally lead to a creation of a few tools along the way!: my own writing syntax (like Markdown), my own editing syntax and grammar symbols, CMS tools to ideally generate all content from Dropbox, fetch and list text that have been marked (highlighted, annotated, rated) on iOS…Urgh! Maybe not… of the making (and practicalities) of utopias / anarchies / artist communities / etc. communal spaces [cut entire section] x/# past works My old media projects (“artist portfolio”) can still be found at rahilpatel.com/… [get link]. I haven’t expressed myself through other forms of media for quite a few years. For now, just consider voluntary communal work as my recent “art works”. Besides, for most of my life, my work is done communally, just helping the people nearby me, so, like most real work, mostly done by females, it’s not really paid attention to: real communal or environmental actions, and, the thoughts during and between those actions inscribed in these writings. Upon another glance, I don’t know why I wrote this section. It feels dirty, like obeying people who ask for resumés or entire biographies before deciding, or worse, that have already decided to reject you. [cut from risks and challenges] Money transfer and ordering electronics. It might take a bit of time initially…but, there are many other options to try: Paypal transfer with a friend (instant?), digital currency transfer…I’ll see if KickStarter can directly send to my foreign debit cards, if not, I think I’ll have the replacement card shipped in time anyway (luckily, I still have really really good US banks). Even without the transfer, I can at least begin ordering some electronics. [I’ll try to update or remove this bit once I successfully test a method.]